Copper ore processing plant

Copper ore is the ore mined from the copper mine. It can be processed into copper concentrate or copper ore sand with high copper content. Copper concentrate needs to be smelted to become refined copper and copper products. Types of copper ores: mainly natural copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, copper blue, etc. Application field: copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry as raw material of metallurgical industry

Copper ore processing flow

  • The bulk copper ore is uniformly sent to the jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station (primary crushing) for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder;
  • After being screened by vibrating screen, the coarse copper ore is sent to single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (secondary crusher) by belt conveyor for medium crushing;
  • The copper ore material after medium crushing is sent to multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.

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